Episode 77 – A Couple Quick Emails

Email conversation:

From: FreeMJ@whatsis.net

To: JazzyT@windlive.com

Hey, Tiffany –

Thanks for emailing me back yesterday. Figures, my school library doesn’t have those books. The librarian said they were college level and wanted to know why I was interested in them. Total snark, I swear. I’m trying to do a research paper. Duh. So why can’t I use college level books if I want? It’s bad enough my teacher won’t let me use Internet sources. Says he doesn’t want me quoting Facebook. Why do teachers think we’re so stupid?

So, how’s it going out there? Tell Jodi I said hi.


From: JazzyT@windlive.com

To: MattJ@livewire.com

Hey, Matt.

Jodi says hi back atcha. Oh, and thanks for sending that link for that game. Totally fun. Can’t wait to meet you in the gaming room.

Stuff here got more than a little weird today. Mom wants to go on a sabbatical starting this summer, tracing folk music that’s about to be lost because the people who sing/play it are dying out. I mean, I get that it’s necessary work, but I can’t go with her. So it looks like I’ll be living with Jodi and her mom. Or maybe Jodi’s dad, which would be immensely cool, since he lives in New York. Except Toby will be there, but she’s okay. It all depends on whether Cameron (Jodi’s mom) decides to go with my mom to help out. And also if Jodi’s mom can get someone to take care of her music store. And if Jodi’s mom decides she can let go of her kids. I, personally, think she’s torqued off enough at Jodi’s dad for taking Toby in that she’ll dump Jodi and me on him just to spite him. Hard to say.

How’s it going in your neck of the frozen woods?


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  1. Just started reading your blog today and I got to stop here! It’s so catchy I had almost forgotten to have some dinner… but after that, I’ll come back for sure! Thanks for this 🙂

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