Episode 53: An Email Conversation

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From: niecybagdha@indonet.in

To: ChmpionGrl@livewire.net

Dear Sharon;

I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you about that visit this summer. It’s been very busy around here, what with the elections coming up again.

I see you’ve been getting quite a lot of attention lately. I think maybe you have a point about it causing trouble. Some of the ministers here have been making very unkind comments. The ones who don’t know you yet, I assure you. I can’t wait to see you educate them. They need to get their minds open, anyway. I hope you have a very large and very strong crowbar.


From: ChmpionGrl23@livewire.net

To: Niecybagdha@indonet.in

I not only have a very large crowbar, I have a very nice sledge hammer for you. When do we get to start swinging?

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