Episode 133 – Text Chat

romance, romance fiction, romantic serialRevRoy: You busy?

Gloryhog: So-so. Perusing a couple bills headed my way. What’s up?

RevRoy: Just checking in to see how June is.

Gloryhog: Oh. Why?

RevRoy: Melody said she thought June was avoiding the buffet table last Sunday at the Fourth of July party.

Gloryhog: Crap. I hate it when other folks start noticing.

RevRoy: We’re just concerned for her well being.

Gloryhog: I know and I appreciate that. It’s just that when other folks start noticing, it’s getting pretty bad.

RevRoy: How about another intervention?

Gloryhog: The last time we tried that, she ended up in the hospital.

RevRoy: That may be why she landed there and not the morgue.

RevRoy: Sorry to be so blunt.

Gloryhog: It’s how it goes. I’ll take it under advisement.

RevRoy: I’ve got some good resources. I’ll email you in the morning.

Gloryhog: Sure. Thx.

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