Episode 124 – Sharon and Karen React

Back in Washington, DC, Sharon and Karen were watching the show in Karen’s office, and as a diaper commercial played, both women groaned.

“Why are you groaning?” Sharon asked. “Michael made you out to look like mother of the year.”

“Now I have that live up to!” Karen cried. “I can’t afford to look like a martyr. Why where you groaning?”

“Michael mentioned Jodi’s name on the air,” Sharon said. “And mine, too, but that’s not as big a deal.”

“Try no deal at all,” Karen said. “What’s the big deal with saying Jodi’s name?”

“Oh, come on. You know how shy she is. She’ll flip. She hates it when people find who her dad is.”

Karen frowned. “I thought Jodi got on with her dad.”

“Jodi adores him,” Sharon answered and sighed. “This isn’t about that. I love Michael, too, but I hate it when people find out he’s my brother.”


Sharon shrugged. “When people find out you’re related to a celebrity, they get weird. They can’t help it. But it’s like suddenly the whole relationship is about your relative and not about you. It used to drive me nuts. And it’s even harder for Jodi because she hates the attention.”

“And when you’re a teenager, you’re having enough trouble separating yourself from your parents.” Karen nodded.

“Exactly.” Sharon reached over to Karen. “Are you going to be okay?”

“Of course I’m going to be okay,” Karen snarled. “We’ve only got a few more days before the hearing and it will be all over then. I’ll manage.” She paused. “But I have to admit I do appreciate the way you’ve been there for me. It’s helped a lot.”

“Of course,” said Sharon. “Why wouldn’t I be? No, don’t answer that.”

Karen managed a weak smile and then checked her phone. “Well, there’s email coming in.”

“I’ve got it, too,” Sharon said. “I’ll catch you later.”

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