Episode 115 – Sharon Convalesces

16-1201-whr_pullquoteThree days after the assassination attempt found Sharon safely tucked into bed in the Georgetown townhouse where she lived.

“You’re not exactly cooperating,” observed June Jerguessen, the President’s sister and Sharon’s close friend.

“I’m just so tired of being fussed over,” Sharon grumbled. “I wasn’t hurt that badly, for heaven’s sakes. And my headache is almost gone.”

“Almost,” smirked June.

She was a tall, willowy woman with the figure and face of a runway model. Her hair, light brown or dark blonde depending on one’s perspective, was growing out of its short cut. June usually went for a more natural, slightly tousled look, but Sharon thought that her hair seemed a little more tousled than normal. And there were definitely bags starting to form under June’s deep blue eyes.

“Okay,” Sharon said, keeping her observations to herself. “I get staying down until the headache is completely gone without meds. But your brother is insisting I stay down a full week and threatened to have the Secret Service cut off my Internet access if I didn’t stay offline.”

“He’s got a point about that. It’s not like he doesn’t know what a concussion can do, after playing football all through high school.”

“Well, all I’ve got to say is harrumph!” Sharon said. “The doctor in Columbia said I could ease back into work as soon as I felt like it, and whatshername, you know, the official gal at Bethesda pretty much said the same thing.”

“And the fact that you can’t remember her name says something right there,” June folded her thin arms across her small chest. “You almost always get people’s names.” She sighed. “Give it a couple more days, okay?”

“I suppose I should. But I am so bored!”

“Well, I have a pile of fluffy little mysteries for you to read, and Matt said he’d set up something or other so you can stream movies onto your TV.”

“Jodi’s going to talk him through the setup,” Sharon said. She sighed again. “I have no idea what movies are even out there.”

June pulled a piece of white paper from her purse. “Karen made you a list.”

“How’s she doing?”

June shrugged. “Okay, I guess. She’s on pins and needles with that hearing coming up Monday.”

“I thought that was just a formality.”

“They always are,” grumbled June. “And as soon as you assume that, you know what happens.”

Sharon sighed. “Too true.” She paused. “How are you doing?”

“Me? I’m fine.” And yet June said it way too quickly.

But Sharon didn’t get a chance to pursue it.

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