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Here’s your chance to catch up on White House Rhapsody, a romance fiction serial, starting with the episodes that will become Book Two. Enjoy!

For the first part of the serial, please check out the new book.

Episode 109 – Book Two Begins On the Way to Columbia

The seat belt sign was off and President Mark Jerguessen got up from the desk in his small office on ...
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Episode 110 – Sharon Gets Good News

President Mendoza arrived just as Air Force One touched down. Tony and Matt, who had previously been bouncing off the ...
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Episode 111 – An Assassination Attempt

The levity and good feeling lasted through the next morning as the U.S. party loaded themselves into a limo motorcade ...
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Episode 112 – From Matt’s Perspective

From News&, By Matthew Jerguessen ….We finally did figure out what had happened and I have to cop to the ...
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Episode 113 – Susan Meets George Watanabe

In the Orange County, California, home of her parents, Susan Wheatly's good mood was quickly evaporating. It had been a ...
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Episode 114 – Text Session

Text session - -- Kira - we got news, but have to keep it on text. -- What up? Were ...
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Episode 115 – Sharon Convalesces

Three days after the assassination attempt found Sharon safely tucked into bed in the Georgetown townhouse where she lived. “You’re ...
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Episode 116

At that moment, Matt bellowed hello from downstairs and came bounding up the stairs. "Secret Service let me in," he ...
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Episode 117 – Karen Gets Some Bad News

Unfortunately, June's brother was going to be out of reach - at least for Sharon - for the next few ...
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Episode 118 – The Girls go to L.A.

The next morning, tension filled the small sedan. Hideo, a slight man with a stoop, dark hair, and a long ...
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Episode 119 – Sharon and Karen Pay a Sick Visit

The visit turned out to be relatively brief. Al Eddington, aka Warmonger, was the president's military and intelligence advisor, one ...
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Episode 120 – Karen Hears From Kira

Karen's mobile phone let out a squeal from a Katy Perry tune. "That's Kira," Karen said, studiously keeping her eyes ...
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Episode 121 – What’s Going On With George Watanabe?

As it turned out, trusting Kira was the right strategy. Not that George Watanabe tried to contact Karen. But the ...
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Episode 122 – Roy Confronts Mark

That Sunday, the private quarters at the White House were all but overflowing. June had invited all of the Advisory ...
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Episode 123 – Michael Stands Up for Karen Tanaka

The next morning, in New York City, Michael Wheatly sat in a makeup chair at the studios of a national ...
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